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Sphynx cattery Baby-Rah suggests the cats amateurs to get acquainted with an amazing breed of cats - sphynx, Canadian Sphynx to be exact. Sphynx cats are often described as hot cats, rubber cats, bald cats, pharaon's cats. All these descriptions suite them very much.
on Baby-Rah site You will find some general information about sphynx cats, see lots of beautiful sphynx kittens raised in sphynx cattery Baby-Rah - kittens sometimes available for sale. Baby-Rah is a small sphynx breeder that constantly works on sphynx breed improvement. The race is stable but a careful breeder has to pay much attention how to make the breed cats better - to make litters health stronger, mood cheerful, more thick skin, the body and the ears bigger, nose and head shorter - in other words to sphynx kittens offspring be cooler than the sphynx breed is described in the sphynx standard. Yet in other words, Baby-Rah tries to raise the level of sphynx standard higher. This is why our alumni get high awards at feline shows all over the world - in USA, in Spain, in France, in Italy, in Sweden, in Norway, in Indonesia, in Australia, Israel - the countries the offspring of Baby-Rah sphynx cattery happily lives and breeds.
Welcome to sphynx cattery Baby-Rah!

01.06.2010   Site's birthday
Site's birthday Today the site of our cattery was born. I will place here information about us and our Sphynxes. I hope that all parts of the site will be filled up in a few days.